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“Emotional intelligence is a building block of success and companies who develop it as a regular part of their culture will exceed their revenue goals by 20%. Sadly very few companies are emotionally intelligent workplaces.”

See how James has used Emotional Intelligence to bring his clients success in the workplace


Introduction: MTRL, a distinguished design company specializing in bespoke office solutions, faced unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the widespread shift to remote work, their corporate clients' demand for office solutions plummeted. To navigate these turbulent waters, President Ramsey undertook the task of rallying his team around a comprehensive vision. This case study illustrates how a 3-day workshop, emphasizing emotional intelligence and a united vision, enabled MTRL to not only weather the storm but also achieve unprecedented success.


Introduction: In the world of dentistry, exceptional patient care extends beyond clinical expertise. A dental practice recently undertook the mission to cultivate emotional intelligence among its team members, guided by the belief that understanding and empathizing with colleagues' emotions can profoundly impact office dynamics. This case study illustrates their journey towards achieving this goal.