This is a 1 1/2 month engagement that combines consulting and coaching. We start by evaluating the current state of the practice and create a comprehensive plan for your office to succeed. One week of in person consulting followed by 6 weeks of coaching to help you stick to your plan.

What you’ll get:


  • 360 Review–Interview all the employees to uncover common issues, opportunities, and strengths in leadership, operations, and customer satisfaction.


  • Shadow each team member to help see how they engage with staff, patients and how they manage tasks


  • Review meeting structure, consistency, and effectiveness


  • Create a daily job board that tracks crucial KPI (key performance indicators)


  • Review findings of 360 with Dentist and present new plan of engagement with the team


  • Coaching in office for 1 week to provide instant feedback on new protocols, and tools


  • 5 weeks remote coaching for dentist to maintain the changes


  • Access to Emotional Intelligence App for Dental Team


  • Access to weekly group meetings on Emotional Intelligence in Facebook group.