With an Emphasis on Emotional Intelligence

“James is very driven and knowledgeable. He is a great coach and mentor that many companies need to help smooth transactions, and changes. I enjoy the ease of his approachability and his listening skills. Definitely an asset to our leadership and our company.”

In today’s economy, leaders need more than just analytical skills and direction to succeed.



Work one on one with James to work through business challenges, increase leadership capacity, and improve employee moral.


High Performance teams require a deep level of trust and accountability. James can help your team build the skills they need to navigate through office politics, increase productivity and employee satisfaction, using a proprietary system and AI to achieve real change.


Give your whole team the inspiration they need to take their performance to the next level. Topics promoting team building, Overcoming Fear, Performance Improvement with EI, and How to Build Trust are his specialty. Reach out and we will customize a message for your team.


“My role as a performance coach centers around forging high-performance teams capable of achieving the extraordinary. I have a track record of helping organizations accomplish feats that seemed insurmountable.”

Customer testimonials

“James has been a key member of our improvement journey at Sinclair Oil over the past 4 years. James has a keen ability to communicate and motivate teams to question their current ways of working and drive them to make improvements. James is a skilled speaker and I think this contributes to his success in change management and operational excellence. James has a professional yet comfortable presence when speaking and is also very engaging with the audience. You can tell James enjoys what he does and this shows in his ability to speak well in front of large and small groups.”

Susan – Non Executive Director – Sinclair Oil